Adventures of Pip Game Manual




Once upon a time, there existed a kingdom that could fit in the palm of your hand.

Like other kingdoms, those who had more pixels lived in luxury. The rest lived humble lives.

Legend has it, the kingdom was once saved by a Princess who created pixels from nothingness.

One day, Princess Adeline was born with such an ability. This brought joy, but also worry…

… for in the darkness lived Queen DeRezzia who wanted to harness such power.

On Adeline’s 16th birthday, Queen DeRezzia attacked and absorbed all the pixels.

Queen DeRezzia kidnapped the Princess as all watched helplessly in terror except one…

His name was Pip. Born a single pixel, he had nothing to fear. This is where his story begins.


Getting Started

Main Menu

  • File Select – Choose a new or existing save file from one of the three available save game slots.
  • Settings – Set your preferences for in-game Music or SFX Volume as well as view the full in-game credits

Save Data

When you begin the game, the MAIN MENU will appear. Choosing ‘START GAME’ with a_button will take you to the FILE SELECT menu where you can create a new Adventures of Pip game or continue a game you already started.
Create a New Game
  • Choose a save slot (1-3) and press a_button. Follow the prompts and you can start a new game using that file from the beginning!
Continuing Saved Game
  • A saved game will display the current status and progress on the FILE SELECT menu. To continue an adventure, press a_button on the desired slot and choose “SELECT”. You will now continue where you last left off.
Copying A Save Game
  • To copy a save game, press a_button on the desired slot and choose “COPY”. The game will ask which slot to copy the save game to. Pressing a_button again will copy the save data over to that slot.
Deleting A Save Game
  • To delete a save game, press a_button on the desired slot and choose “DELETE”. The game will confirm that you want to delete the current save game. Selecting “YES” will delete the save game and all its progress.

Be careful! Once a saved game is deleted, it’s gone forever!

Pip’s progress is automatically saved anytime he returns to the Map after successfully clearing a level or returning from the Town. You can undo any progress in a level by exiting back to the Map from the Pause Menu.




Map Screen

image05 You can move Pip on the Map Screen using the d-pad or ltoggle. Move him over a Level Icon on the map and press a_button to start the level. image00 Pip This is Pip! He shows where you are on the map. Use the d-pad or ltoggle to move Pip around the map. image06 Info Panel This displays your current health and pixel totals. If Pip lands on a level icon, it will display the level name and villagers saved. image01 Level Icon Pip can enter levels that are displayed on the Map. Unbeaten levels display as gray while cleared levels display as gold.  

In-Game Screen

image03 image00 Health Bar This is your life source! Pip will lose 1 heart when he touches an enemy or hazard. You can expand your health bar by defeating a world boss or purchasing an extra heart container or two at the Item Shop in Town. image06 Villagers In each level, there are three (3) hidden villagers that Pip can rescue! When you rescue a Villager, they appear in Town. image01 Pixels Your current amount of pixels. Pixels are used to buy items and weapon upgrades in the Town. There are some treasure chests hidden throughout the levels that reward tons of pixels, so make sure you search high and low to collect them all!

Customer Support

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