B.ARK Report – June 2020

Greetings B.ARK team, and welcome to our June 2020 B.ARK Report. This month we’re focusing on tactics. How our space crew uses their abilities, how they go about upgrading their equipment are essential aspects of B.ARK’s overall strategy. Cooperation and teamwork are critical to completing our mission to take back Earth from the Dark Tide.

So buckle up and get ready for blast off! We’ve got a ton to cover!


Each ship in the B.ARK crew has the latest in alien technology along with its own unique set of specialized abilities.


Lucio is a great protector, and because of that, he has been outfitted with an excellent bear shield. This ‘Bear Shield’ can help block shots from enemies, and best of all, every B.ARK Team pilot can get inside the protective barrier and enjoy its bear hug of safety.


Felicity’s untamed nature lends well to a “double bullets” gun. Her firing rate is also faster. However, these upgrades also make her a glass cannon. Hopefully, she can use her natural dodging skills to quickly get out of harm’s way.


It’s no surprise that Barker’s innate ability to make friends is something he utilizes in combat. He’s been equipped with ‘frenemy bullets’ that can be used to turn enemies into your own personal extra fighters that travel around with you.


Quick on his feet, Marv’s ship is no exception to this rule. Not only is it fast, but he also has the technology to slow down time, thus slowing down enemy bullets and enemies. He can take this chance to get the upper hand on his enemies, taking potshots from a safe distance.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Here at B.ARK, we like to encourage our pilots to be the best they can be. We have a mission, but challenging ourselves to better our skills and gain coins to upgrade is key to saving our humans on Earth.

After you’ve completed a level of a mission, each player will be given a tally screen. This tally screen will indicate who’s been the most helpful and who was the most useful on the mission. The more points you score, the more plutonium coins you are given to buy upgrades for your ship.

Greedy players may get more coins through a mission level, but if they are not playing as a team, they will not get as many mission points. So be competitive, but remember, you’ll need your team’s help to make it out of your mission in one piece!

Safety Pods

A distinctive feature our B.ARK scientists have created for our crew is the Safety Pod System. When a crew member’s ship has been rendered dysfunctional, they will be ejected into space. Rescue them to place them in a safety pod. Rescue your friends in these pods, and not only are you helping your team out, but you’ll also receive extra firepower. Once your teammate’s ship has been repaired, they can jump back into the fight to help complete the mission.

Helping your teammates will net you plenty of mission points and the respect of your fellow crew members.

More Dark Tide Intel

We’ve received more intelligence on the fishy robotic enemies the Dark Tide has used to invade space. Below are some of their schematics. Please pay close attention, as we believe they may be present in your first few missions into space!

Notes from the Dev Team

Marc Gomez, Co-Director and Art Lead for B.ARK, contacted our team to give us an update on what the out-of-this-world art team has been drawing up!

“I’ve been working on ideas for menu transitions. We really want to keep the game’s narrative moving as the player progresses through menus. In this image, we’re transitioning from the Loadout Screen where the player equips their items, to the level select screen.”

Looks like we’re go for launch, Marc! Thanks for giving us and our team an update. Until next month space cadets, this is your B.ARK crew, signing off!

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