B.ARK Report – May 2020

Welcome aboard, Team B.ARK! We’re glad you’ve decided to join us on our mission to save the earth from the cyborg armada that has taken over our home planet. On behalf of the B.ARK Development Team, we appreciate you and look forward to your heroism in the future!

It’s been a little over a month since our big reveal in the Indie World Showcase, and what a productive month it has been. We have a ton to show you! So without further ado, let’s introduce our B.ARK heroes!

Meet the Team

The B.ARK crew consists of four well-loved and well-trained pets, unlike anything the universe has ever seen. Each pilot has their own set of unique skills and superpowers that will help them in their journey through the galaxy. Here’s the run-down on our band of galactic star-ship fighters!

Meet Barker! A French Bulldog from Russia, Barker may be small but he has a big heart. This pooch is innocent and loyal and he’ll do anything for his friends. Help Barker create frenemies as he transverses the galaxy to save the earth!

Marv is a cottontail rabbit that came to us all the way from the Nevada deserts in the United States. He’s a bit jumpy, but don’t let his nervous nature fool you. His mission in life is to overcome his fears and face the ocean onslaught!

Lucio is the brave leader of the B.ARK crew. A Marscian brown bear from Italy, Lucio brings a level head to the B.ARK team. His calm nature and extreme intelligence make him the perfect fit for the team’s chief space officer —a position he holds with pride!

And last, but certainly not least, is our fearless house cat, Felicity. Joining us from France, Felicity may be a loner, but her attitude and confidence make her a purrfect candidate for ridding the universe of cyborg sea scum! She’s not kitten around!

Evaluate the Dark Tide

Enemy number one we’ve dubbed, The Dark Tide! After taking over Earth, this brine-covered robotic army took to the skies, literally, spreading out into space like waves at high tide. We fear they will only keep conquering the universe if they aren’t stopped!

The Dark Tide consists of both fishy foes and malicious mammals, all armed with tech-savy mechs and a bad attitude. Below we have sketches of obstacles and enemies we’ve identified thus far. Watch out for them when you go on your missions, pilots!

Explore the Universe

B.ARK will be taking a route through over 20 action-packed levels on our journey to take back Earth. Each level will be themed after a location in the Milky Way and the Dark Tide sea-life that has taken over that area. Careful navigation can uncover secrets, so be sure to comb every last inch!

Notes from the Dev Team

This month, our reporting officer managed to grab, Michael Herbster, B.ARK’s Director of Gameplay, for comments on how our bio-interstellar journey is shaping up. This is what he had to say! 

“I’m currently knee-deep in documentation country! I’m writing and drawing up enemy attack patterns, boss attacks, and menus! This is my favorite part of game development due to all the cool awesome possibilities that are in front of the team! The dizzying highs and the terrifying lows!!!”

Thanks for checking in with us Mike! Unfortunately, it would seem there are some stars needing polish and some cybernetic arms that need drawn on. So until next time, space cadets, keep it pawsome!

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