Monster High

Toy meets tablet™ with the Apptivity™ Monster High™ Finders Creepers™ game! Launch the app and place the base of your Apptivity™ Monster High™ on your iPad screen. Special contact points on the bottom of each base allow the app to identify your character.

Explore the world of Monster High™ and collect spooktacular items as you undertake different scary-sweet adventures! Choose from Frankie Stein™, Draculaura™, Clawdeen Wolf™ or Lagoona Blue™ – depending on the character you use, you’ll get a completely unique adventure.

All chapters (1, 2, 3 and 4) are currently available for each character. You can play Chapters 1-4 using finger-play or with the Apptivity™ Monster High™ Finders Creepers™ characters.


  • Use your Apptivity™ Monster High™ character to unearth a creepy cool adventure tailor-made for whatever character you’re playing with!
  • Don’t have an Apptivity™ Monster High™ character? No prob! You can still access every chapter of each ghoul’s adventure using finger-play!

Each freaky-fab character has a unique special ability that will help you find clues and complete her adventure:

  • Frankie Stein™ – zaps new life into objects with her electric touch!
  • Draculaura™ – hangs from the ceiling and turns clues upside down with her bat’s-eye view!
  • Clawdeen Wolf™ – sniffs out suspicious scents with her nose tuned for trouble!
  • Lagoona Blue™ – peers through murky water with her “deep see” vision!


  • Play through 4 different stories – one for each character!
  • Wander the haunted halls of Monster High™ and uncover its spooky secrets!
  • Dig up clues and solve perilous puzzles!
  • Meet up with ghoulfriends!
  • Use your special powers to save the day!
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For further questions about Apptivity™ Monster High™ Finders Creepers™, please contact our customer support at www.service.mattel.com