Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Pop

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America’s favorite game show puts a new spin on puzzle games with Wheel of Fortune PUZZLE POP!

** Play endlessly with UNLIMITED LIVES! **

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-3-46-07-pmWith Vanna White as your host, and her favorite furry friends, Stella and Thunder, escape to exotic getaways as you spin, pop, and solve word puzzles written by the show’s very own writers.

Spin the wheel to get Booster rewards and solve puzzles to a 3-star victory! Use your wit to beat the level with as few bubbles as you can. Journey to various tropical getaways as you progress through countless levels. Everyone travels first class….you never wait to play!

It’s time to get popping! Applause please!
Official Website: https://www.wheelpop.com/