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Tic Toc Games
Based in Burbank, California and Manila, Philippines

Release Date:
Late 2020

Timed-Exclusive for Nintendo Switch


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B.ARK (Bio-Interstellar Ark) is a team-based 4-player side-scrolling space cute’em up launching first on Nintendo Switch™ in Q4 2020. In B.ARK, you and your animal friends pilot ferociously adorable and uniquely powerful ships, defeating waves of sea creature cyborgs in order to save the earth!

B.ARK takes the space cute’em up genre to a new level of cooperative party play with 4-player couch co-op. Navigate the galaxy as you blast through a space armada of fishy themed enemies, create unique attack strategies with your team, upgrade your ships, and explore the solar system to find a challenging secret ending!

Teamwork and communication with your crew is key to defeating waves of enemies, unlocking new paths, and syncing your super abilities. Hidden shops along the way allow you to customize your ship with wacky weapons; creating laugh-out-loud experiences and frenzied space battles with bosses inspired by the eeriest creatures from the ocean depths.


  • Choose between 4 different animal aviators! Each one with their own unique gameplay, style, and superpower!
  • 4-Player Co-Op! Gather your closest kin and team up against an onslaught of underwater cybernetic forces!
  • Combine your character’s special attack with the other B.ARK pilots for hyper combos!
  • Enjoy a vibrant story, told through hand-drawn animations all ages will love!
  • Battle and reclaim our portion of the Milky Way through 20+ levels of action-packed adventure!



Zip: https://bit.ly/BARKImages
Google Drive: https://bit.ly/BARKImages_GD

Almost Bullet Heaven

Bear and Dog Combo

Co-Op Wall Blocker


Full On Triple Laser

Manta Ray Mini-Boss

Shot of the Team

* Screenshots are from the first prototype of the game. Art and gameplay may change before the final product.


Zip: https://bit.ly/BARKLogos
Google Drive: https://bit.ly/BARKLogos_GD

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Tic Toc Games is a full-service developer, with a seasoned staff of artists, designers, programmers, and production managers, all of whom have shipped award-winning interactive products. The studio was founded by game industry veteran Shereef Morse, with a commitment to creating the highest quality gameplay, art, and animation.

Developer Logos and Icon

Zip: https://bit.ly/BARKTTGLogos
Google Drive: https://bit.ly/BARKTTGLogos_GD