Cute 'em up!


Earth needs your help!

Suit up, strap in, and be sure to pack extra dog treats when you embark on this exciting, Saturday Morning Cartoon-inspired shoot 'em up adventure!

Pilot a team of four-legged heroes and blast through waves of The Dark Tide - a slimy, cybernetic fish armada spreading their evil stench across the solar system. Engage in challenging solo-play or explosive cooperative multiplayer with up to 4 friends! Good luck B.ARK team!

Key features

Team Up!

Pick your pilot, each with their own unique gameplay style, and team up in 4-player couch CO-OP!

Unleash Super Fusions!

Overcome overwhelming odds by combining mech abilities to create powerful hybrids!

Put Down Bosses!

Test your might against the formidable generals of the Dark Tide army!

Compete with Friends!

Challenge your friends across every level for high scores and bragging rights!

Official media

Video, art and screenshots